The Farmers Guide to Accessing the Internet in the Most Rural & Remotest Areas!

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Less traffic, more trees, crisp and clean air, open fields of green rolling fields – just some of the reasons why our farmers live out the seasons in far out locations. Of course, they will need a reliable tractor, boots and seeds, but an internet connection has also become an essential part of farm living. We love our farmers and want to keep them connected to the rest of the world and thanks to the way VSAT connectivity works, we are able to bring internet connection to locations that are well off the beaten path.

As Zodsat, we are passionate about closing the digital divide, as it is necessary for African farmers to continue running their businesses and keeping in touch with the rest of the world. As agriculture is an increasingly technology-driven field, farmers’ access to computers to conduct business is exceedingly important. First and foremost, farming is all about weather and understandably, farmers use the Internet to get information on the weather, at least weekly.

Internet connectivity is also crucial for farmers to read on market information, general agricultural and information about crop production. In addition to these topics, farmers are also more likely to use the internet to look up information on financial management, pest management, livestock production, soil and water conservation agricultural related websites, online farm magazines, agribusinesses, farm groups, conservation agencies and other entities have increased their Internet presence and content and our farmers ought to have access to this information.

Despite the long, unforgiving hours of hard work that go into running and sustaining a farm, there is also reason to unwind. So much so, we have compiled a list of five reasons how our farmers can relax on the internet:

  1. Read: A good book, newspaper or magazine. Access all these reading material online through ebooks, news sites or online magazines from the comfort of your farm in an easier and more fun way.
  2. Talk: Texting or Video Calling with family and friends halfway around the world, you can communicate with others as long as you want all while limiting face-to-face contact.
  3. Exercise: I am pretty sure, there is more people connected to the internet than gyms on the farm side. How about you use the workout videos and tutorials available online to your heart’s content.
  4. Laugh: Internet users have come up with a whole slew of ways to share laughter online. Memes, GIFs, Tik Toks and Vines. The internet is flooded with this content to give you a good laugh and lighten up your mood. The great thing is you can share this laughter with your family and friends, once again, with an internet connection.
  5. Watch: One of the best things that you can do over the internet is watch live sports uploaded by sports providers. You can also stream your favorite shows and movies without having to go to the cinema or DVD store thanks to the various streaming platforms that allow you to access countless shows and movies at a very affordable price.

Just because you are rural or remote, does not mean you have to go without broadband connectivity. If you need to get connected in a hard-to-reach area soon, take a look below to learn more about your rural and remote internet options.

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