ZODSAT (PRIVATE) LIMITED emerged out of the founder’s vision for developing better solutions for the African community along with ways in which the company could assist people do business through affordable far-reaching connectivity for the unserved, underserved communities with little or no internet connectivity. With its Parent Company ZODSAT Global Limited UK which is based in Greater Manchester after developing from a small consulting firm, the organization was formally registered as a limited liability company in Harare Zimbabwe under the Companies Act [24:03]. The company is a fully registered entity with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe in all ICT Services and Equipment, Telecommunications and Software categories.

With its core business in providing connectivity solutions in remote areas across Africa, ZODSAT is also heavily involved in educational software distribution through its affiliate company Edumate that offers high-end educational devices in Africa, which are all suitable for ECD, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Students. It is also important to mention that Edumate has made the acquisition of computer devices easier on a credit arrangement and the purchase of new classroom devices for both Students and Teachers.

ZODSAT is an International Company focusing mainly on the African market with offices and employees in London, Manchester and Harare, ZODSAT has built a good record of accomplishments in projects for SOE’s and Government Ministries from Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ZODSAT prides itself on providing timely, professional support to its clients, and pays close attention to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and integrity.



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