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As being connected becomes ever critical, Zodsat provides connectivity anywhere throughout the whole of Zimbabwe and that includes the most remote areas in the country.

VSAT Internet is very secure as it is controlled at the HUB/Teleport by validating and authentication of all remotes on the network. The modem has inbuilt AES encryption which is robust and TDMA slot allocation on Layer 2 trunks enhances this security among other host of measures.

At most installation takes 2 hours after line of site is established to the satellite, taking into consideration that the weather conditions and integrity of dish mounting surfaces or posts is fine.

Capable of 60Mbps download Speeds and 15Mbps upload speeds on application for specialised packages.

Yes, it can be affected by weather (cloud and precipitation) just like any other satellites, however the satellite modem is able to automatically apply some techniques to maintain the link for as long as possible.

Yes, you can use our internet for VOIP, Skype or Netflix, it all depends on the package you would have subscribed to. However, we recommend users to subscribe to our bigger packages for best Netflix streaming.

Yes you can, with our advanced Modem page through your browser you can easily monitor your usage balances as well as your data plan.

The Bonus Zone is a period of time from 10pm-6am, when all customers have access to additional plan data every month that they are subscribed to on the Zodsat Internet Service. Bonus data varies according to the package one is subscribed to. 

YES and NO. Anywhere between 3 and 8 Mbps, download Speed is considered okay for gaming. But depending on who else is using your internet and whether you’re calling or video streaming at the same time, this won’t be enough. The higher the package the better the speeds you have for gaming. However, games that require split-second responses will not work due to the inherent high latency because of the long distance between the satellite and earth.

ZODSAT also offers Systems Integration, Satellite Broadband Internet, VPN over Satellite, Telemetry & M2M over Satellite, Maritime Satellite Internet, Occasional Internet & IP Streaming and Corporate Networks Over Satellite.



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